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Venturing Into Team Success

The Challenge
Nine months after two large companies formed a joint venture, they had exhausted attempts to come to an agreement on strategic direction and major operational issues. Company A wanted to do things its way, while Company B wanted to stick to its business practices. Exasperating problems was a rumor that Company A wanted to buy out Company B. Resentment reared its ugly head and everyone dug their heels in so deep that they spent most of their energy resisting any kind of change.

The Solution
Led by Selby Group consultants, the companies came together and went through intensive team building and forming exercises as a group, exploring and establishing ground rules, roles, responsibilities and vision. Consultants helped people on each side see that under any circumstance, success is determined by how well they come together and make smart decisions that leverage the collective talent, experience and brainpower.

The Result
An understanding of the companies’ different business practices and people’s different work styles opened up initial communication flow and created an effective process for learning and implementing critical changes. It took only three days with the help of Selby Group for the two companies to agree on a direction and strategy, and to move forward together. The client has since reported that the framework and methodology was so successful that he has used it in other situations, including forming new teams and startup ventures.