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Transforming an Old World Organization

The Challenge
Due to dramatic changes in the regulatory environment, the executive leadership team of a large utility company had made a decision to shift to a more market-driven strategy rather than the community-based approach that the company had followed since its inception. There were many structural changes in place to begin shifting culture, however, old habits die hard, and structural changes alone would not move the organization to a competitive place in the market.

The Solution
A Selby Group consultant, working closely with internal and external partners, put together an organizational model, conducted an employee survey, created a communication plan, and prepared and interpreted organizational survey results for several divisions. She worked with each team to identify changes in their areas that would have the most profound effect on both employee and customer satisfaction. Over a two-year time frame, the consultant worked with everyone from “boots to suits” to help implement the targeted challenges.

The Result
The consultant helped the organization recognize and shake its old-world views, which made it possible for the strategic changes to be more firmly embedded in the organization. At all levels, employee and customer satisfaction increased to the targeted levels, and understanding of the strategy increased. Results were so impressive that the process was utilized three more times on two- to three-year cycles.