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Rising to the Top of His Industry

The Challenge
A senior marketing director was being considered for promotion to general manager in a large and fast-moving organization. He wanted to gain every advantage to increase his success in the general manager position. He had seen executives fall prey to their own blind spots and egos and had watched their leadership suffer from these failings. He didn’t want to make the same mistake.

The Solution
The executive hired a Selby Group consultant for a full feedback and insight building process. The consultant conducted an in-depth series of interviews with the senior marketing director’s current boss, likely future boss, current peers, and direct reports. From this she created a detailed report targeting his strengths, weaker areas, and blind spots and analyzed the results with him. They discussed at length how he could make greater use of his strengths, shore up weaker areas relevant to the role, and recognize his blind spots in the moment. The senior marketing director also increased awareness of his unconscious internal motivators and how these impact his leadership style and effectiveness through an in-depth Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® interpretive process.

The Result
The executive was promoted to VP/GM soon after completion of this process. He thanked the consultant for significant contribution to his success, and hired her to work with his direct team as their coach and organizational consultant, and then again when he was promoted to lead a much larger division. Five years later, despite ferocious competition at the top, the client was again promoted, this time to Senior Vice President of a multi-billion dollar business. He is now widely recognized as a leader in his field and a role model for up-and-coming leaders.