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Preparing Teams for Change

The Challenge
A food and beverage company was in the middle of implementing an enterprise resource planning system when it discovered a considerable number of obstacles, including organizational, job and structural challenges. It seemed nothing was working right and no one was happy. Employees were crying, fingers were pointing in every direction, and executives felt blindsided by the people they had supported. A $3 million project was suddenly at risk.

The Solution
Selby Group consultants conducted an assessment and identified what was needed to implement the new system. They prepared training and communication plans and information, and assisted the company in implementing them with key teams and leaders. A special focus was given to understanding the change cycle and conflict management through coaching.

The Result
Team members were on the same page regarding what they did and didn’t do well and were therefore prepared to deal with change more effectively. They also gained an awareness of different work styles and how to communicate within that framework. Now, when the project shows signs of going off track, this highly skilled team catches the problem early and works with the key players to get back on track. Team members also report the added benefit of using their new skills in all other aspects of their work, noting change and conflict can happen any time, anywhere.