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Case Studies

From Executive to Entrepreneur

The Challenge
After 18 years with a large company, a top business executive was transitioning to a small startup at which he would have broader responsibility for growing the business. He had seen other large-company executives make poor transitions to smaller companies, with their different cultures, values and business practices. He knew he would be faced with many new challenges and wanted to make the transition as seamlessly as possible.

The Solution
The executive hired a Selby Group consultant for private executive coaching. The consultant offered educational reference materials and put forward tools for a personal development plan based on his Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® results. The consultant also acted as a sounding board to provide independent advice on how to best allocate time and prioritize goals, and effective relationship building and leadership skills.

The Result
The executive successfully transitioned into the smaller company, effectively adapting to its different values and business practices by using his personal development plan created especially for the transition. After substantially contributing to the growth of the company, he left to start his own company with a partner. He has asked Selby Group to serve in an advisory capacity for this new venture.