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Aligning Leadership At Every Level

The Challenge
The American division of a mid-sized global company had been through enormous change. The senior leadership team was fragmented, with one member in particular unable to accept the global changes. Turnover had been close to 100%. The directors and managers were new to the company and, in almost all cases, new to management. The division CEO asked Selby Group to partner with them on all of the organizational challenges presented by this change, but in particular to build a stronger management team at every level.

The Solution
A Selby Group consultant partnered with the CEO to determine the needed structure and membership of the senior leadership team, including the elimination of some positions. The consultant facilitated the senior leadership team through a realignment of the management structure to better meet changing customer needs across eight distinctly different markets, and coached the CEO through the challenges of implementing the new structure. She worked with the senior leadership team to determine what competencies they needed in leaders and those they needed in all employees. She partnered with the human resources function to create an ongoing professional development process to ensure that each leader, and each individual contributor, would have the opportunity to grow into these competencies.

The Result
Organizational activities are better aligned and there is less drag on the organization. Management training was aligned with the leadership competency model, ensuring a good fit with the day-to-day realities of the business. Managers report that the professional development process allows them and their direct reports to grow in their roles in ways that a performance review process could not.